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Product no.: simbm002

Emulator seat occupancy mat


For :

E30 (all E30)

E34( all E34)

E36 (all E36)

E39 (all E39)

 E46 ( all E46)

E60/61 (models with metal key only)

E63 (models before facelift)

E65 ( models before facelift)

X3 (models before facelift )

X5 ( models before facelift)

Z3  (all  Z3)

Z4 ( models before facelift)


Active airbag light caused by defective passenger seat occupancy mat sensor or  you installing sport seats? 

This part is what you need.

The emulator simulates that the seat occupancy sensor /seat matworks correctly and that the seat is always occupied.

It sends  to airbag ecu the same signal as that sent by seat mat while passenger is sitting.

- Very easy installation ( plug & play)

-Disconnect the battery and wait 10 minutes.

-Unplug  the seat mat connector.

-Plug in the simulator and fix it so that it does not move.

-Reconnect the battery, switch on the ignition and erase the airbag error message .

- contact us for any questions

- other emulator for other brands..... contact us



The product for sale in this listing was manufactured by aic motorsport.

We are not affiliated with the vehicle manufacturers listed above, it is here

a retrofit product that is 100% compatible for the specified vehicle manufacturers.

Any registered trademark is the property of its owner and is used only for

Orientation / compatibility of the respective vehicles used.

It is there fore  not a product of the vehicle manufacturer.

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Product no.: simbm001

Airbag  simulator for debugging in the airbag system

Workshop: Ideal for troubleshooting on the airbag system (resistance to high / low)

Type simulates a tripped or defective airbag or belt tensioner

-Error Memory  Can Easily delete (The airbag control unit recognizes the simulator as a full airbag)

-Has Not affect other airbags / belt tensioners of the airbag system

-Very Easy installation (installation instructions)

-Ideal For garages and car sales

!!! WARNING !!!

Working on the airbag system is DANGEROUS and should only be repaired by a qualified technician & follow the manufactures safety procedure.


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