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Product no.: pbau111


  -The tuning box unit enhances the performance of your engine.

 -Unlock the potential.

Up to +20% more power.

Up to +25% more torque.

 -Fuel economy increase by up to 10%.

-Plug & Play.The tuning box is distributed with the original connectors

Wich makes it easy to connect.

-Tuning box adjustable.

-Notice of assembly constructions is delivered with the tuning box.

Warranty 2 years.


The product for sale in this listing was manufactured by aic motorsport.

We are not affiliated with the vehicle manufacturers listed above, it is here

a retrofit product that is 100% compatible for the specified vehicle manufacturers.

Any registered trademark is the property of its owner and is used only for

Orientation / compatibility of the respective vehicles used.

It is therefore not a product of the vehicle manufacturer.

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